Tasking Tuesday its HOT



So I finished my Monday afternoon off by getting a little wet. Hosing down the back patio. I LOVE water play it is so therapeutic.Something about water that brings over this calmness. Tuesday lots of tasks to undertake –  cleaning a house for someone, maintain my own house and just getting through the increasing humidity day that we are having here in sticky Queensland that’s me after cleaning a house with my fur baby. I have showered but it sure feels like i need another shower. But i think i will have a wine instead and chat via face time with my mother in law, she is awesome excuse the face its the humidity, its killing me look at that high shine. After some face time giggles and laughs  it is time for a bit of Aussie TV Kath and Kim laughs and maybe another wine.



Such a funny episode tonight. Who here watches a bit of Kath and kim, ME ME. I cannot be the only one who loves this Aussie show. After suffering the effects of the horrible Queensland humidity today my to do house chore list when out the window. After cleaNing someone elses house i was drenched in sweat the momentum to continue cleaning went out the window when i got home. I think its time for bed today is a short one. Check in again tomorrow i will leave this quote with you.


You can change your circumstances no matter what it is, if times are hard bust your butt and makes those changes. If you don’t have a job get out there and find one will not come to you by sitting about waiting for it to be placed into your place. Dont like your current job make that effort and change it.



Emotions running high

I didnt want to face the day let alone deal with the day. I would much prefer to stay under the sheets then i dont need to deal with it. Today my youngest has her first assesment appointment so we can learn weather their will be a diagnosis for dyslexia, anxiety, adhd and list may possibly go on. Full with anxiety today in myself, so nervous myself, trying ever so hard not to let it show. I arrive it must be written all over my face, the psychologist asks “how are you” very sympathically i reply ” good thanks busy week of work last week but good”. At that spilt second moment while i waited for miss 6 to use the bathrooms i wanted to ball my eyes out, hubby couldnt make todays appt so it was just me. 


We got this baby girl. I told as we walked in hands held ever so tight. Miss 6 is my youngest so i feel this i pretty tough to go through. I have been through this with miss 10 already but it feels hard this time round. So we arrive get settled in i answer a 65 question long survey it felt like it took for ever to answer, handed that back and now we wait for the happy face pretty psychologist lady to come whisk miss 6 off into a room and i just wait in this quite waiting room while i blog. Miss 6 goes into her appointment with her psychologist with ease phew i thought we may have a tantrum or upset about her going in alone. All the mums in the waiting room too sit in silence reading magazines, pacing, staring at phones poissibly reading a book on it. Who knows technology is advanced, iam sitting here hot spotting my phone to my laptop so i can prepare my blog post about my day. After the last hour of awkaward silence yay the mums and i start chatting we all have a struggle and face daily problems – one mumma is there with her second born child going for an assesement to diagnose possible adhd dyslexia she explained she has been this path before with her eldest son, and to the other side of me is a grandmother who is raising her grand daughter after rescuing her from a toxic drug infested enviroment and is having her diagnosed for possible learning issues and other things also, i straight away told this lady “your amazing what your doing is truly amazing, not many grandmas would step up like you have and take on your young grand child. I am hoping once we are finished here miss 6 is not too tired and i can take her for a smoothie or buy more smoothie ingredients and go home and snuggle.

We just got home after almost 3hr appt miss 6 is so mentally drained. Hence needing a day off school today. Next stop special delivery to a friend along with a coffee for mumma and cookie for miss 6. While we are sitting there she sees a man walk out and then walk back in and whispers so quitely “mummy why is he coming back in why does he need more food” i almost laughed i kept a straight face i said ” i think his food is cooking and he is also here to see his mummy aswell” miss 6 presents the most confused look. Explaining to a 6yr old someones mum works and runs the coffee shop too much for her today. 


This cookie changed the day of this little one, then she decided when she was 3/4 through it was too sweet my savoury muffin was more to her liking but no purple stuff was a request meaning red onion lol kids. After a quick stop into Kool Beanz cafe then off home to rest. A assessment can be very mentally draining i am hoping for an early night tonight and miss 6 will asleep early yay. One can surely dream but i am guessing that may not be on the cards someone is wired after that cookie. As the day draws to another end, it has been a productive day here. We jumped some major hurdles of bravery and survived another Qld humidity day. 

Thats it for the day. 

Bohemian Well spring xxxxx


My life or something like it

Well i know there is some curiosity going about who is this ? who is behind the bohemian well-spring? WELL i am not going to tell you yet. OK i will. Welcome to the raw me. I am a mum to 3 beautiful girls, wife to the most amazing husband (i know i got a keeper here), boss babe blogger, chandler ( i make candles and melts) , a negotiator (much-needed skill when a parent), house keeper (this chore never ends), educator (got to help these kids with learning), mum paramedic (only first qualified skill but may as well label it a paramedic), taxi service, chef, home barista lol and iam a sister to 3 crazy sisters and a daughter to my mumma and papa . That is just naming a few of the many hats a i wear not everyday but definitely most days, iam wearing more than one. As a mum you surely learn how to multi task between these hats, we all have them but don’t talk about them. Mummas let me know what hats you are wearing on a daily basis????     IMG_1469THATS MEEEE


Growing up i was always curious of health foods and health food shops my desire to go in one was never met,  until i was a teenager and i had my own money. First thing i bought was peaz those green chip looking things they taste like bacon i sat and shared these with my friend. I was pleasantly surprised. My mum and dad never went into one. Well if they did it was when i was not with them i don’t blame them not taking me some of those stores are so expensive. Growing up i was bought up in a meat and 3 vege household and sweet and desserts. My mum always had a block of chocolate just for her. I now have learnt that is emotional eating, something as a child i was exposed too but didn’t catch on. To you as a kid you just see mum is eating something she is not sharing with you and you think “that is not fair”. My dad was a drinker he would come home from work and head straight under the house to his beer fridge “to fix things” but we all knew that he was guzzling a few too many. By the time dinner had been and gone some nights he was still there. Years not long after that is was my parents  separation i suppose that took myself and my sisters all for a massive life spin and then to also discover we had a half-brother someone out there. But this is life and we grow from that. I met my husband when i was 17, surprisingly in a complex pool at that time i was living with one of my older sisters. It was not love at first sight i thought he was married, but quickly discovered he was not yeah so i made sure my sister backed off cause being an age gap between us i knew they thought they had a chance getting IN hahaha proved them wrong their little sister has got it, so i guess you could say this was love at first sight. And the rest is history we have been together coming up 16 yrs wow that’s a long time i never realised it until writing this post. We have been married 13 years. I have 4 girls all up hubby has an older daughter she is 22 i do consider her my own and care about her a tonne. (that’s a whole other blog post too).


That is us here at my 2016 graduation for my studies. His my right side and my left side. There is not a lot i do with out him by my side. We make the most of every minute we have together like it was our last. We have seen good times and bad times and we have seen some horrible bad times financially (that’s a whole other blog post), seen the loss of one of our parents and grandparents. All this hurt just makes us so much stronger. This man has worked his arse off on daily basis for his me and our girls.

Till next time

Bohemian well-spring xxxx


Today i mapped out my morning –

  • get the kids ready and off to school CHECK
  • make my coffee CHECK
  • hang washing out  CHECK
  • put washing on CHECK
  • make smoothies for the day – not checked almost out of almond milk ugh and i  needed to leave for work in 30mins. ZOOMED over to the shop (note i didn’t speed). I had literally enough time to blitz through 2 smoothies thank goodness for my thermomix.
  • Smoothies x 2 made CHECK
  • Pets water AND food CHECK i think i have been questioning myself for the day at work. Will have husband check on this one.
  • Get to work on time CHECK

I have my day’s food covered 2 smoothies 1 coffee and 2 snacks being fudge bites. Today I have snickers smoothie and a banana blueberry oh boy oh boy was this one a treat very refreshing.


Zoom in the door expecting to have a client awaiting my presence nope and nope. Several messages on the answering machine. 5 Cancellations and rescheduled. In qld right now there is a break out of gastro and the flu. I was so thankful for these clients rescheduling as i know there have been several friends in my industry who have become so sick from unwell clients. #dermaltherapistlife #thankfulforkeepingyourgerms #sharingismnotalwayscaring . Any followers here work in the industry also?? Do you find you get certain periods where their is cancellations alot. I have discovered school holidays are a time where it is a little quite for mums whom want to spoil themselves but dont have the help or have anyone to sit their kids while they pamper themselves. Speaking of taking time to yourself. How often have to taken time to do just what you wanted to do, as a mum i know we always feel guilty of taking time away from out children but we dont realise how important it is to do so for both us and them. When i take a rare moment away from my kids thats a planned outing and i come back so refreshed and ready to put my parenting pants back on and rock and roll. Please mummas remember it is ok to take some time for you.

Slow day at work has given me time to work on my blog baby. I have been learning a lot from a fellow blogger also. I have also done a time-lapse of my drive home from work. you can find that on my instagram page.

just short and sweet

bohemian wellspring xxx

Training Traffic Parenting

The morning started with miss 6 wanting a breakfast smoothie with blueberries



Blend all together for a good 2 mins. The colour is amazing. I think this is what draws in miss 6 to her love for this smoothie.


LOOK at that colour. After closer inspection miss 6 decided she could only drink half and save the rest for tomorrow.

Well iam still finalising my studies of laser training. It was a mad rush out of the house bye hubby bye kids off to make my commute down the dreaded M1 highway. I should not complain cause i dont travel this daily i really feel sorry for all the people who need to use this daily. It really is horrible traffic START STOP START STOP no one works together, we have lane hoggers, seasonal indicator users, lane hoppers, angry mums, cranky tradies and fed up truck drivers. I say fed up truck drivers cause i think they would be fed up of recent due the laws being changed where the trucks need to drive in 2 left lanes so this makes it much easier for them to enter and exit the hwy but at the same time blocks off the traffic entering and exiting. This M1 is a horrible continual  circle it goes round and round with issues. Give me a quite country road any day a long quite stretch. I zoomed on into college after dealing with that traffic we shall call it. Zoomed up the ever so slow lifts mind you these are the scariest ones on the GC i was in them one week and they fell down 3 floors ummm scary as i think everyone in that lift called out with brown stains on their pants. I walked and was told a busy day today i was think ” YES” clock up those hours baby. In my industry we come across so many people humans and so many not so nice humans and today i was bless with all beautiful humans.

Products well i need to pick these babies up for my boss iam i gotta trek over to Broadbeach ugh another horrible traffic route and in PEAK hour too. So i grab them head home. I need to fit a walk in but i gotta do the parenting thing also. Thanks goodness for husbands mine made a beautiful bbq meat dinner and salad. He is the best i truly got lucky. Till next time

Bohemian well spring

Whats in a name !!!

I know you maybe wondering about the name well, let me explain it too you. I will make this a short post cause i know there is come curiosity floating about.

BOHEMIAN – meaning somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremely wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc they are usually very creative people (hence my blog lol). They are above all optimists, even if they can be very cynical too (it does make sense…sort of). they like wearing a mixture of weird clothes and mix different fashions together just for the heck of it. they like weed (well no in my case but i think its great for medicinal use). Generally very laid back and relaxed.

WELL SPRING – the source of a stream, river etc the fountainhead. Supply of anything, especially when considered inexhaustible meaning unable to be used up because existing in abundance (nature). My wonderful husband of 14 yrs came up with name he said it suited me to the TEE. 


There you have it all about us well the logo anyway.




That morning dreaded sound BEEP BEEP BEEP it was my alarm alerting me 6:45am get the kids out of bed SCHOOL DAY. So i walked into their room all 3 of them sleeping so every peaceful i didn’t want to wake them. So i gently called out wake up wakeup with a little body shake too and proceeded to say SCHOOL TODAY miss 10 laid there with one eye open “OK” and got herself slowly up and out of bed. Now miss 6 is a whole other can of worm to wake up and takes quite some time to get up, hard to get to sleep hard to wake up. But surprisingly she moved along saying it was cold she needing her stockings and jumper for school. So we gathered that she went with no stocking just shortie shorts and jumper and school dress. Now miss 12 our big yr 7 high school girl well she was up and about getting ready to get school social on. I think she is in the age of school is just one big social. Ah school marks who needs them. We will get there with some extreme prompting. After a smooth transition off to school iam home in PJS and feeling lonely hubby is off to work earlier and its me and our “borderweiner” his our dog . So i spent the day slowly washing, catching up on some Netflix maybe a little binge watching too while i had the time. I commited today to a little self care. So i laid in bed for a little got my breakfast. wrote on my up and coming new blog posts, business planning.

Check out todays smoothie thanks to healthy mummy smoothies:

  • healthy mummy chocolate smoothie
  • cinnamon –
  • oats –
  • banana – natures mars bar is what i call these.
  • maca powder – contains essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Is used to promote libido in men and women. Can assist in relieving menstrual cramps and the side effects of menopause. Can balance out hormones and assist in reducing acne also.
  • Almond milk – iam lactose intolerant so i always opt for a dairy free option.
  • peanut butter


Blended all together with ice and tadah this smoothie is so thick i think i need to add more milk or ice to thin it out. This smoothie filled me up i was only able to finish half i think i will have the rest for dinner iam that full.

As the day draws to an end the kids all had a great day at school i just wanted to spend time with them once they got home but they are all off doing there own things – riding bikes, playing dolls and playing with the neighbood kids next door. While i supervise from the front and make sure they have no fights over silly things which is common in miss 10 and miss 6. Meanwhile miss 12 is doing her teenager thing headphones in the ear and blasting her cool tunes whatever is it there kids listen to these day hahahaha. Oh the conversations i hear from the kids as they play out the front “so have you ever seen a real baby being born”  “my girls names victoria”  “iam washing my girl first” . Oh how i feel this starting to turn into a fight amongst the 4 girls playing what looked so peacefully. The sun goes down and its time for the day to end, dinner, baths, relaxation and bed. I finished my day with a 40 minute afternoon walk with miss 12 dropping business cards around to mailboxes to drum up some business into my home business. THATS ME FOR THE DAY


Bohemian well spring xxxx


Public holiday here today and i must say Queensland is brining on the weather today, with lovely overcast cool rainy weather, just how spring really should be none of this sweltering 30 plus temps. I slept in today till a whole 7:51am thinking it was much later in the day. I was hanging out in bed awaiting 9am to pass so i could blast my first blog post all over. Tick tock it went by so slowly. 9AM was here as quick as it arrived it no sooner left. Blog post up eagerly awaiting everyone’s response. I was just chatting with my miss 12 about making our own pit-paste. We have tried a pit paste before and absolutely love it our results from this were:


WHAT IS PIT PASTE – is a deodorant made with organic and all-natural ingredients.

  • WETNESS – you still sweat yes
  • SMELL – there was no odour ( when i sweat my body does not produce strong odour)
  • STAINS ON CLOTHES – no stains were left on clothes
  • FEELING OF STICKY RESIDUE – there was no feeling of sticky residue as this contains coconut oil and left the underarms smooth and while also under going some hair reduction treatments it was safe to use there, unlike other brands which burn the area.
  • SCENT – these were light floral scents not to my 12 yr olds desire. I did not mind the scents myself but thinking of it these scents would not actually appeal to a teenager.

There you have it opinions on the pit paste straight from the horse’s mouth. Time for me to make a green smoothie back soon for more writing. Oh wow that green smoothie was green check this out. LOOK AT THAT COLOUR

22219180_10155745155861667_1873131977_o 22243792_10155745381171667_313623832_o



  • 250 ml light soy milk (i am not to keen on the full strength)
  • 1 scoop of earth protein i used vanilla
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1 teaspoon of maca powder
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • ICE . and lots of it
  • Blend all together for 1 minute an a half for a thermomix or longer in other blenders.

I think that was a smoothie overload that jar cup was huge i could not finish it, i am saving it for later on when iam feeling peckish. Tomorrow school resumes here for my kids yay happy dance i do love and adore my kids but i love routine too.

enjoy xxx

Bohemian well-spring

School holidays and sick kids

So as we come to a close for the September school holidays here in QLD. These holidays have probably been one of the far most boring holidays for my all 3 of kids. My 3 girls have all been sick with a viral flu that comes with this nasty cough, surround sound coughing here the past few weeks and the sounds of the steam vaporizer. I was told by a school mum the cough can last for 5 weeks. Oh no no no!!!! We don’t want that then my mum tells me my uncle has had this cough for over 3 months. I just shook my head and buried it in my hands. I hate seeing my kids sick. Me being me i’m on the hunt for some natural alternative that will give some relief. All kids took vitamin C powder, Olive leaf extract, liquid zinc, probiotic, IM support and respiratory health. I mixed them into smoothies and my big girls took the capsules. Our fav smoothie mix for vitamin mix is:


  • Watermelon chopped into chunks and peel removed.
  • ICE and lots of it
  • Apple 1/2 per person, include peel and seeds.

Blend all together, add all vitamins being used and blend again tadah. My 6 yr old says it “tastes so much more yummier with watermelon”

I don’t have any cool pics cause they drink them way too fast but here is a cute one of our first smoothie vitamin mix.22198919_10155743589316667_2141180060_o

This is our green smoothie before we discovered the watermelon one.


  • handful of kale or baby spinach
  • 1/2 green apple
  • 1 small handful of frozen mango
  • 250 ml coconut water
  • ice and lots of it.

blend all together and add your vitamins in minerals then blend again.

enjoy XXX

Bohemian well-spring.