Training Traffic Parenting

The morning started with miss 6 wanting a breakfast smoothie with blueberries



Blend all together for a good 2 mins. The colour is amazing. I think this is what draws in miss 6 to her love for this smoothie.


LOOK at that colour. After closer inspection miss 6 decided she could only drink half and save the rest for tomorrow.

Well iam still finalising my studies of laser training. It was a mad rush out of the house bye hubby bye kids off to make my commute down the dreaded M1 highway. I should not complain cause i dont travel this daily i really feel sorry for all the people who need to use this daily. It really is horrible traffic START STOP START STOP no one works together, we have lane hoggers, seasonal indicator users, lane hoppers, angry mums, cranky tradies and fed up truck drivers. I say fed up truck drivers cause i think they would be fed up of recent due the laws being changed where the trucks need to drive in 2 left lanes so this makes it much easier for them to enter and exit the hwy but at the same time blocks off the traffic entering and exiting. This M1 is a horrible continual  circle it goes round and round with issues. Give me a quite country road any day a long quite stretch. I zoomed on into college after dealing with that traffic we shall call it. Zoomed up the ever so slow lifts mind you these are the scariest ones on the GC i was in them one week and they fell down 3 floors ummm scary as i think everyone in that lift called out with brown stains on their pants. I walked and was told a busy day today i was think ” YES” clock up those hours baby. In my industry we come across so many people humans and so many not so nice humans and today i was bless with all beautiful humans.

Products well i need to pick these babies up for my boss iam i gotta trek over to Broadbeach ugh another horrible traffic route and in PEAK hour too. So i grab them head home. I need to fit a walk in but i gotta do the parenting thing also. Thanks goodness for husbands mine made a beautiful bbq meat dinner and salad. He is the best i truly got lucky. Till next time

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