Today i mapped out my morning –

  • get the kids ready and off to school CHECK
  • make my coffee CHECK
  • hang washing out  CHECK
  • put washing on CHECK
  • make smoothies for the day – not checked almost out of almond milk ugh and i  needed to leave for work in 30mins. ZOOMED over to the shop (note i didn’t speed). I had literally enough time to blitz through 2 smoothies thank goodness for my thermomix.
  • Smoothies x 2 made CHECK
  • Pets water AND food CHECK i think i have been questioning myself for the day at work. Will have husband check on this one.
  • Get to work on time CHECK

I have my day’s food covered 2 smoothies 1 coffee and 2 snacks being fudge bites. Today I have snickers smoothie and a banana blueberry oh boy oh boy was this one a treat very refreshing.


Zoom in the door expecting to have a client awaiting my presence nope and nope. Several messages on the answering machine. 5 Cancellations and rescheduled. In qld right now there is a break out of gastro and the flu. I was so thankful for these clients rescheduling as i know there have been several friends in my industry who have become so sick from unwell clients. #dermaltherapistlife #thankfulforkeepingyourgerms #sharingismnotalwayscaring . Any followers here work in the industry also?? Do you find you get certain periods where their is cancellations alot. I have discovered school holidays are a time where it is a little quite for mums whom want to spoil themselves but dont have the help or have anyone to sit their kids while they pamper themselves. Speaking of taking time to yourself. How often have to taken time to do just what you wanted to do, as a mum i know we always feel guilty of taking time away from out children but we dont realise how important it is to do so for both us and them. When i take a rare moment away from my kids thats a planned outing and i come back so refreshed and ready to put my parenting pants back on and rock and roll. Please mummas remember it is ok to take some time for you.

Slow day at work has given me time to work on my blog baby. I have been learning a lot from a fellow blogger also. I have also done a time-lapse of my drive home from work. you can find that on my instagram page.

just short and sweet

bohemian wellspring xxx


Author: bohemian well spring

Bohemian Well Spring Follow my unique life and journey as i walk my bohemian path. Raw food~smoothies~modere~toxic free~weightloss journey~skin therapist~wifey~mumma

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