My life or something like it

Well i know there is some curiosity going about who is this ? who is behind the bohemian well-spring? WELL i am not going to tell you yet. OK i will. Welcome to the raw me. I am a mum to 3 beautiful girls, wife to the most amazing husband (i know i got a keeper here), boss babe blogger, chandler ( i make candles and melts) , a negotiator (much-needed skill when a parent), house keeper (this chore never ends), educator (got to help these kids with learning), mum paramedic (only first qualified skill but may as well label it a paramedic), taxi service, chef, home barista lol and iam a sister to 3 crazy sisters and a daughter to my mumma and papa . That is just naming a few of the many hats a i wear not everyday but definitely most days, iam wearing more than one. As a mum you surely learn how to multi task between these hats, we all have them but don’t talk about them. Mummas let me know what hats you are wearing on a daily basis????     IMG_1469THATS MEEEE


Growing up i was always curious of health foods and health food shops my desire to go in one was never met,  until i was a teenager and i had my own money. First thing i bought was peaz those green chip looking things they taste like bacon i sat and shared these with my friend. I was pleasantly surprised. My mum and dad never went into one. Well if they did it was when i was not with them i don’t blame them not taking me some of those stores are so expensive. Growing up i was bought up in a meat and 3 vege household and sweet and desserts. My mum always had a block of chocolate just for her. I now have learnt that is emotional eating, something as a child i was exposed too but didn’t catch on. To you as a kid you just see mum is eating something she is not sharing with you and you think “that is not fair”. My dad was a drinker he would come home from work and head straight under the house to his beer fridge “to fix things” but we all knew that he was guzzling a few too many. By the time dinner had been and gone some nights he was still there. Years not long after that is was my parents  separation i suppose that took myself and my sisters all for a massive life spin and then to also discover we had a half-brother someone out there. But this is life and we grow from that. I met my husband when i was 17, surprisingly in a complex pool at that time i was living with one of my older sisters. It was not love at first sight i thought he was married, but quickly discovered he was not yeah so i made sure my sister backed off cause being an age gap between us i knew they thought they had a chance getting IN hahaha proved them wrong their little sister has got it, so i guess you could say this was love at first sight. And the rest is history we have been together coming up 16 yrs wow that’s a long time i never realised it until writing this post. We have been married 13 years. I have 4 girls all up hubby has an older daughter she is 22 i do consider her my own and care about her a tonne. (that’s a whole other blog post too).


That is us here at my 2016 graduation for my studies. His my right side and my left side. There is not a lot i do with out him by my side. We make the most of every minute we have together like it was our last. We have seen good times and bad times and we have seen some horrible bad times financially (that’s a whole other blog post), seen the loss of one of our parents and grandparents. All this hurt just makes us so much stronger. This man has worked his arse off on daily basis for his me and our girls.

Till next time

Bohemian well-spring xxxx


Author: bohemian well spring

Bohemian Well Spring Follow my unique life and journey as i walk my bohemian path. Raw food~smoothies~modere~toxic free~weightloss journey~skin therapist~wifey~mumma

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