Emotions running high

I didnt want to face the day let alone deal with the day. I would much prefer to stay under the sheets then i dont need to deal with it. Today my youngest has her first assesment appointment so we can learn weather their will be a diagnosis for dyslexia, anxiety, adhd and list may possibly go on. Full with anxiety today in myself, so nervous myself, trying ever so hard not to let it show. I arrive it must be written all over my face, the psychologist asks “how are you” very sympathically i reply ” good thanks busy week of work last week but good”. At that spilt second moment while i waited for miss 6 to use the bathrooms i wanted to ball my eyes out, hubby couldnt make todays appt so it was just me. 


We got this baby girl. I told as we walked in hands held ever so tight. Miss 6 is my youngest so i feel this i pretty tough to go through. I have been through this with miss 10 already but it feels hard this time round. So we arrive get settled in i answer a 65 question long survey it felt like it took for ever to answer, handed that back and now we wait for the happy face pretty psychologist lady to come whisk miss 6 off into a room and i just wait in this quite waiting room while i blog. Miss 6 goes into her appointment with her psychologist with ease phew i thought we may have a tantrum or upset about her going in alone. All the mums in the waiting room too sit in silence reading magazines, pacing, staring at phones poissibly reading a book on it. Who knows technology is advanced, iam sitting here hot spotting my phone to my laptop so i can prepare my blog post about my day. After the last hour of awkaward silence yay the mums and i start chatting we all have a struggle and face daily problems – one mumma is there with her second born child going for an assesement to diagnose possible adhd dyslexia she explained she has been this path before with her eldest son, and to the other side of me is a grandmother who is raising her grand daughter after rescuing her from a toxic drug infested enviroment and is having her diagnosed for possible learning issues and other things also, i straight away told this lady “your amazing what your doing is truly amazing, not many grandmas would step up like you have and take on your young grand child. I am hoping once we are finished here miss 6 is not too tired and i can take her for a smoothie or buy more smoothie ingredients and go home and snuggle.

We just got home after almost 3hr appt miss 6 is so mentally drained. Hence needing a day off school today. Next stop special delivery to a friend along with a coffee for mumma and cookie for miss 6. While we are sitting there she sees a man walk out and then walk back in and whispers so quitely “mummy why is he coming back in why does he need more food” i almost laughed i kept a straight face i said ” i think his food is cooking and he is also here to see his mummy aswell” miss 6 presents the most confused look. Explaining to a 6yr old someones mum works and runs the coffee shop too much for her today. 


This cookie changed the day of this little one, then she decided when she was 3/4 through it was too sweet my savoury muffin was more to her liking but no purple stuff was a request meaning red onion lol kids. After a quick stop into Kool Beanz cafe then off home to rest. A assessment can be very mentally draining i am hoping for an early night tonight and miss 6 will asleep early yay. One can surely dream but i am guessing that may not be on the cards someone is wired after that cookie. As the day draws to another end, it has been a productive day here. We jumped some major hurdles of bravery and survived another Qld humidity day. 

Thats it for the day. 

Bohemian Well spring xxxxx



Author: bohemian well spring

Bohemian Well Spring Follow my unique life and journey as i walk my bohemian path. Raw food~smoothies~modere~toxic free~weightloss journey~skin therapist~wifey~mumma

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